Food & Beverage Operator: With the professional management system and food taste standards as well as being able to apply food to create a new service in style and international standard, you can enjoy International Buffet with various quality menus and excellent services.

  • International Lunch Buffet
    BlueSpice, Grande Centre Point Terminal21 (Coming Soon)
    Tel.: 02-108-0947
  • Rice Congee Dinner Buffet
    BlueSpice, Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit55 (Coming Soon)
    Tel.: 02-020-8000 ext. 4440 / 02-042-8056 / 090-961-9494
    Krua Luang, Mandarin Hotel
    Tel.: 02-238-0256 ext. 4005
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Bake Brothers

Baked Brothers: This shop is for brothers and sisters. As we believe that delicious newly-baked pastries and good drinks are partners, Bake Brothers serves a wide variety of pastries, cakes and cookies in a cozy atmosphere just like you are at home with your brothers and sisters. The coffee, tea or a variety of favorite beverages are available for you to choose.

The signature menu of the shop is Iced Baked Brothers, a special recipe iced coffee added with milk and soft milk foam and an espresso shot. This is served with freshly-baked chocolate croissants every day. This is pure and fresh butter scented into a thin layer stuffed with fine chocolate and baked until crispy and fragrant for you to get a delicious French croissant.

Bake Brothers also offers a selection of popular pastries, puffs, pies, croissants, muffins and Danish with various filling. Every piece is freshly baked from the oven every day. The taste is soft and great.

You can go to any branch near you. Bake Brothers is ready to welcome you at all 5 branches.

  • Somdej Phratheprat Building, Ramathibodi Hospital Branch, 2nd Floor, Tel. 02-354-3947-8
  • Terminal 21 Branch, 5th floor, San Francisco Zone, Tel. 096-091-6419
  • Bangrak Riverview Project Branch, Tel. 02-2049299
  • Foodieee Market, Homepro, Fashion Island Branch, Tel. 02-1204705
  • SEE FAH, Siam Square Branch, Tel. 02-251-5517

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Osaka Ohsho

A famous gyoza restaurant from Japan, “Osaka Ohsho”, is a very popular restaurant among Japanese people. With various styles of gyoza in delicious taste, there are currently over 300 branches in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand.

Osaka Ohsho literally means “King of Gyoza of Osaka”. Its feature is the gyoza that is hand-made with gyoza filling consisting of cabbage, ginger, garlic and pork wrapped in a special gyoza sheet for deliciousness by steaming and baking at the same time with a tool specially designed for gyoza to steam and bake gyoza in the golden color. One side is crispy while the other side is soft. The gyoza filling remains juicy with the ingredients perfectly inviting to taste.

Osaka Ohsho Gyoza comes in 6 different sauces including coriander mayonnaise, seafood dipping sauce, wasabi mayonnaise, yurinji chili sauce, sweet chili sauce and mayonnaise.

  • Soi Thaniya Branch, Silom, Tel. 02-237-8520, 063- 8632834
  • 55th Building Branch, Thong Lor, Tel. 02-381-0701
  • Central World Branch, Beacon Zone, 6th floor, Tel. 02-252-3537

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