Delicious food must be eaten when being hot. Because we see the advantages of a clay pot that retains heat to make customers eat food that is still hot and delicious until the pot is empty, SEE FAH started from selling steamed rice in clay bowl until evolved into a variety of clay pot menus at present such as baked rice, noodles, wontons, steamed shrimp with glass noodles, stewed beef, etc., which have won the hearts of customers in every era. The menus are freshly cooked and served hotly in the clay pots specially designed by the craftsman’s factory which has been making for SEE FAH for more than 6 decades. You can see from the Chinese characters of “SEE FAH” on the handle. When the “Clay Pot Menu” of SEE FAH’s recipe is served in front of you, the food is still hot and smell delicious inside. Just open the lid of the pot, you will immediately want to taste your favorite dish.